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Drug peptide impurities include process impurities and degradation impurities, among which non enantiomers, missing peptides, deamidation peptides and breaking peptides produced by amino acid racemization are relatively easy to be synthesized directionally. In addition to the above impurities, peptide good biology can provide other drug peptide impurities with relatively complex technology for peptide drug development. It includes: by-products formed by incomplete deprotection of amino acid side chain, impurities of ser dehydroxylation or Cys demercapto (DEHYDROALANINE), rearrangement impurities, impurities of met oxidation (met (o) or met (o) 2), impurities of TRP oxidation, oxidation of thioether bond to sulfoxide, impurities of disulfide bond exchange, polymer impurities and other impurities.

We can also provide the possible impurity sequence according to the peptide sequence and production process for research and development reference.